A Beginners Guide To Generating Ideas For A book Cover Design

problemTo be blunt, people still judge the contents of a book by it’s cover! Yes and you don’t have to believe that now for it to be a fact (There are vast number of blogs dedicated to this). And you see, book with beautiful looking covers sell and convert more than those without.


Regardless of what others are saying the need for a high quality book cover design is never going to be on a decline as the design industry keep booming with it’s own awards. Things have evolved over the years and the crude ways of designing covers which are time consuming and most time disappointing to authors are fast becoming the past. Things are changing along with the digital world.


The internet is growing so fast with different communities and with enormous participants giving feedbacks, sharing, pinning, giving ideas on how to improve on covers. This is not just amongst authors but also designers. People share and comment on beautiful book covers.


Before we go on, I want us to look at the things that make a good and bad cover.


What Makes A Good And Bad Book Cover?

You must understand that book covers are a piece of art with specific purpose and statements, that gives a visual representation of the written contents of a book.

Which means that, the quality of a book cover depends on how well it can tell readers about the contents of a book and make the holder say “I must read this”. You see that? It creates the anticipation, the need for  the book to be opened.


Chip Kidd, a famous book cover designer once said “a book cover is a distillation of the contents, almost like what your book would look like as a haiku.”

What that simply means is that, you should ditch the idea that when you like a book cover design, it means it is a good design. I’ll rephrase that “That you like a design doesn’t mean the design is good”

Hope that’s clear enough? I believe it is.

The cover must create excitement and grab reader’s attention!

Now we a going to go through the whole process of How A good design come to be;


  • Your Design Concept

You don’t want to start designing a book cover without knowing the exact message the book wants to pass across to readers

You need to ask yourself what’s the single minded value proposition of the book? What’s it’s sole purpose? And then you want to know the target audience the book is meant for. Is it Love and Romance, Inspiration and Motivation, Success and Power, Murder and Revenge?

Narrowing it all down will help choose your imagery, typography, colors and layout that will help you capture what the book is about.

  • The Book Genre

As stated earlier in point one, you must know the target audience. That way, the book cover will be able to speak straight to your readers.

Take a look at the covers below, you can easily spot the target audience;


roses book2

  • Less Is More

You don’t want to have your cover design crowded with different elements and texts effects as that will be distracting and a turn-off  for the readers. Less is always more.


brain melarts

  • Take A Look At What Others Are Doing

You now have your design concept and know what the book intend to pass across to readers, what next? You need to understand that there are professionals who have done this over and over again. So what do you do? You take a peek at what they are doing. How they put images together and arrange texts for different genres.

I know this is quite a tedious process to designing a book cover and that’s why I have taken the pain upon myself by providing  over 100 premade book cover designs in all genres so you can simply edit and get your covers up within 5 to 9mins. You can learn more about this by clicking bit.ly/ecovermogul

You can also check my youtube channel for other tutorials to help with your book cover designs here


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