The Untold Secret To Increased Traffic


Have you ever wondered why despite all your efforts to generate traffic to your website you’re still getting little or almost no traffic?

On this video, you’ll find out the simple way to maximize your traffic for best results.


Discover what you’re doing wrong

Discover why you get stuck and frustrated sometimes

Discover how spamming is affecting your efforts

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The Ultimate Shortcut Guide To Getting Clients On Facebook


Facebook is bursting with high-paying and high quality clients, if you know how to find them.

Watch this free guide now and discover:

3 successful profiles on Facebook that you can model for success, in minutes from now

The 5 things your Facebook profile include, to attract clients like bees to pollen
A 3-step client outreach formula to find your perfect clients on Facebook, starting tonight

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The Easiest way to earn a living online Selling Graphics… Even if you have no skills right now…

womanMy name is Jonathan Melody an internet marketer, graphic designer and web designer. Have been acquainted with the internet since 2007. Funny how you believe so much in something and it turns out not working for you; That was how it was for years but then I was persistent, I knew the potentials the internet harbors and I wanted to be a part of it. I kept pushing and pushing and pushing. Had so many fails, fell victim of so many scams but refused quitting.

And then, one evening as I was browsing through some money making sites, I found an e-book on mini importation, bought it (actually bought several of them), applied and made some money but that wasn’t what I wanted as I get bored doing offline marketing(The whole marketing thing is just so simplified now). Ha! So tedious lol; easy for some though.

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A Beginners Guide To Generating Ideas For A book Cover Design

problemTo be blunt, people still judge the contents of a book by it’s cover! Yes and you don’t have to believe that now for it to be a fact (There are vast number of blogs dedicated to this). And you see, book with beautiful looking covers sell and convert more than those without.


Regardless of what others are saying the need for a high quality book cover design is never going to be on a decline as the design industry keep booming with it’s own awards. Things have evolved over the years and the crude ways of designing covers which are time consuming and most time disappointing to authors are fast becoming the past. Things are changing along with the digital world.


The internet is growing so fast with different communities and with enormous participants giving feedbacks, sharing, pinning, giving ideas on how to improve on covers. This is not just amongst authors but also designers. People share and comment on beautiful book covers.


Before we go on, I want us to look at the things that make a good and bad cover.

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