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Earn Bitcoin From Freelance Jobs Online

freelance jobsHi,

My name is Jonathan Melody and in case you don’t know me, I have been freelancing all my life and I want to assume you’re a freelancer or you aspire to be one who would love to earn in bitcoins as we all know that’s more profitable than earning in USD or your local currency.

However, if you don’t know what freelancing and bitcoin are, there is a host of articles on the internet that has done a good job covering those subjects.

While Fiverr is a great marketplace for freelance jobs and freelancers to showcase their services and get paid, the rules, competition and the 20% fee are making things difficult. Most especially the newbies.

So without much introduction…

I will be talking  about 3 freelancing sites that pay in bitcoin

XBT: This freelancing site has Nigerians working there so no need hiding IP and all that backdoor methods. The site works just like upwork where you have to bid for jobs. It not very popular. Hence, very easy to get jobs there. They have an escrow service and keep 5% as escrow fund fee.

You can join XBT here
Cryptogrind: This is another awesome place and just like Fiverr you get to set up your gigs and wait for buyers to contact you. However, the site receives less traffic. So you need to promote your gigs for a better exposure.

Unlike Fiverr with lots rules and charges, they keep 4% fee for escrow services.
You can join Cryptogrind here

Jobs4bitcoin: This is a subreddit on Reddit website. where you can post jobs and services and get hired. There is an average of 3 to 4 jobs posted daily and it’s a great way to earn for those who spend lots of time on Reddit. However, there is no built-in escrow just the moderator offering the escrow services.

You can access the subreddit here

freelance jobs online

Want More Bitcoins From Freelance Work?

Other sites you can earn in bitcoin freelancing




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amazon publishing

How To Write A Book And Self-Publish Them on Amazon

Write eBooks, Self-Publish Them on Amazon and Start Living the Author Lifestyle

A Step By Step Guide


Step #1: Write Your eBook

Publishing is what you do after you’ve written a book. It has to come after the actual writing process, which sort of puts it on the back burner for any writer or author whose book is still a work in progress.

No matter what you write, you do have an audience and they will read your book if you put it out there and promote it effectively.

But ultimately, the quality of the book will have a direct effect on how successful it will be following publication. I doubt that any writer will disagree with stressing the importance of this step in the publishing process — the writing is arguably the heart of everything when it comes to publishing your first book. This is the step that will likely take the most time, care, inspiration, editing, skill and talent.

If you plan on self-publishing your own book or ebook as a debut author, you’ll certainly have your work cut out for you once your work is finished. But perhaps surprisingly, very little of that work will involve further writing. It focuses on and demands efforts in several different areas, but writing is not among the most important.

Being successful in self-publishing your own books requires an individual who is somewhat a jack of all trades unless you have the money to shell out for professional services to take care of editing, cover design, printing and publicizing your book.

In order to avoid being labelled as vanity published, I think it’s best to take on as much of the project as you can realistically commit to. This is just my personal opinion, but it makes sense to me for an independent author to be, well, just that — truly independent.

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