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Dear Designer

This is Jonathan Melody writing to you. I want to tell you something very important today. But first I want to let you know I make a living (like you do or soon will) as a graphic designer.Over the last 2years I have been designing covers for clients all around the globe as a freelancer and this has allowed me so many opportunities, met amazing people.

Designing covers has rewarded me immensely.I consistently earn a minimum of $1200 per month just from cover designsI work when I wantI don’t have to be under the mercy of some almighty bossI travel whenever I want and can still control my businessNow, my mum and fiancée wouldn’t stop telling me how proud they are of me.

You know that joy of being able to take care of your family and reach out to those who need your help?I have had better months, some $2000 plus…

This niche has been so lucrative and one of such reasons is;

A Demand That Can Never Be Met

The Internet has been a huge boon to the marketing industry in general … and the graphics niche has been the live blood to this industry as marketers and writers keep creating products that needs covers each passing day and this demand keep rising! 

I  Would Like To Help You...And if you're used to spending hours, surfing the Internet, staring at your computer screen trying to come up with mind blowing design ideas for a perfect book cover art for you or your clients; or just for your portfolio to look astonishing and attention grabbing

If so, you are one of the many people I want to give exclusive access to using these high quality pre-made ecover templates.One niche that would remain ever green for freelancers is the graphics niche (if you doubt this, head to google and type "How lucrative is the graphics design industry") and ecover design services is presently hot as writers, authors, internet marketers put up products every single day.


It Is Tedious And Brain Exhausting Trying To Come Up With Design Ideas!

The truth is, I was once in your shoes and know how it feels trying to come up with design ideas, struggling to decide the perfect color to use, how to place texts, etc I remember visiting various sites in order to gain inspiration for designs, spend hours looking through youtube for tutorials on ecover designs but found none. It was so frustrating that I decided to download any video that talked about the use of photoshop tools, how to create certain manipulations(Posted sometime ago when I just started an image of a vampire effect I had created on facebook lol). 

You can still go through this whole process if you want but you must know it's tedious and time consuming. However, with pre-made templates and my tutorials, it's super easy to design beautiful looking and high quality ecovers that would leave your clients fully satisfied and wanting to flip open their wallets to leave you fat tips for a job well done. You want that eh? of course! 

You see my friend, I want to give you access to my brain and have you watch over my shoulders how I design high quality ecovers that keep my clients paying more and coming back for more every time(I recently designed a cover that required cutting out an image changing the look of a metallic feel to a wooden feel for $150!).Aha! you would say but Jonathan that's much work! Trust me it's not if you can just watch my videos!.

You see, this is more than just handing you PSD files, I'll be teaching you how you can make the most out of these files in the members area.

With you providing high quality designs you keep making more money each month because your clients wouldn't hesitate to paying more to have you design their covers! Take a look at this;

All That was made from designing book covers

Now speaking of making more money,
Let me ask you one sincere question;

If you can't provide your client high-quality work the first time, you bet he'll be gone and you'll be left with a bad review.

I have done all the hard work and brainstorming for you. Now all you have to do is sap on my knowledge and just plug in. It's that simple!

With over 100 pre made templates in different niches, you're on your way to becoming a professional ecover designer.


Check Out How Easy It Is To Edit PSD file


Are You Still Thinking If 
This Is Right For You?

You know what they say about working smart? It keeps you ahead. And that's a vital key to making it big, you working smart, getting more done in a short time and earn big! 

Gone are the days of spending hours trying to come up with design concepts, 
leading to late deliveries of your designs. Hence a poor rating! Make that decision right now to be ahead and to stay ahead. 

Sincerely, you can stop right here and just go ahead and start sourcing for how you can improve on your designs and keep wasting more hours and hours of the time you would have used to improve on your marketing skills as a designer (Yes, you need to learn marketing) or you can allow me offer you all I had gathered over the years and hand it over to you (the choice is yours but you have to be smart about it and act now) 

If I had this oppurtunity you have right in front of you now when I started, it wouldn't take me the 5 months it took me to generate my first 4 figures. I earn in 6 figures monthly now anyways *wink*

It's Decision Time!
OK Jonathan, Am Ready To Get This Now!
But How Much?
You Know how it goes. It's obvious you're going to get over 67% discount. Considering the worth of what I'm laying before you today, I should charge you N25,000.

But NO I won't charge you N25,000, not even N20,000, NO! not N15,000You are receiving all of these for a one time N7,000.

Hey, Guess what? If You are seeing this, that means you're amongst the selected few who gained access to this page not accessible to the public.

That's why you should act fast and order right now to lock in these incredible bonuses.

The First 50 Persons Get These 
Flaming-Hot EXTRA Bonuses...
Take A Look At What  You Can Design Using MS Word

See What People Are Saying


IMagine you having all these in your archive and getting high quality designs delivered to your clients. Trust me, you'll keep smiling, looking at how easy it is to design beautiful and sexy book cover and have your clients pay you more!


How To Order



(Pay To Bank)

    Name: Oviomaigho Jonathan

    Account: 0240470659

    Bank: Guarantee Trust Bank

    Amount: N7,000

    After Payment Send Yor Name, what you paid for,

    email and amount email and amount        

    paid to jonathan@jonathanmelody.com       

    and you'll receive access to all files 

    within 24hrs after payment confirmation



(Pay Via Paystack)

    With Paystack you'll be able to download all the files immediately if your payment is successful 


    Click The Button Below and you'll be taken to paystack for your payment.


I know what you are thinking...I must be crazy right?

The truth is, I want to help you save time and brain energy designing your covers and spend that time in improving on your internet marketing knowledge and even build a relationship with you.

So friends, you need to jump on now while you still can because this is a N0-BRAINER! I really don't have to justify the price here. Click on the payment button and after a successful payment using method one send your name, amount paid and email to jonathan@jonathanmelody.com

Your are getting over 100 templates and over 70 step by step videos and not to mention the weekly update with PSDs and tutorials and jaw dropping bonuses to make your designs TOP-NOTCH.

Just think of how much time you'll save and money you'll make using all I have in stock for you.

"Still Yet To Decide? Relax..."
But You Have To Act Now As The Price Goes Up After 50 Sales!

See You On The Inside!!

Jonathan Melody
Jonathan Melody
Product Creator

P.S You will hit yourself on the ass later if you don't get this now. Because the price goes up immediatetly after  50 sales. Instead of paying N25,000, you'll be given access to this ultimate package for a one time N7,000.

P.P.S.  You have absolutely nothing to lose with my 100% 365 days money back guarantee. If actually you used this graphics package and worked with me for 365 days and you still feel it's not worth the investment, I will double your money and send to you.

P.P.P.S.  Just imagine for a moment the time and energy you will save making use of this graphics package and providing your clients with beautiful high quality designs and putting more money in your pocket!


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