The Easiest way to earn a living online Selling Graphics… Even if you have no skills right now…

womanMy name is Jonathan Melody an internet marketer, graphic designer and web designer. Have been acquainted with the internet since 2007. Funny how you believe so much in something and it turns out not working for you; That was how it was for years but then I was persistent, I knew the potentials the internet harbors and I wanted to be a part of it. I kept pushing and pushing and pushing. Had so many fails, fell victim of so many scams but refused quitting.

And then, one evening as I was browsing through some money making sites, I found an e-book on mini importation, bought it (actually bought several of them), applied and made some money but that wasn’t what I wanted as I get bored doing offline marketing(The whole marketing thing is just so simplified now). Ha! So tedious lol; easy for some though.

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